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Bio: Lisa Peacock

Lisa Peacock, MA, RDT is the founder and director of the Vet Art Project & the Women Warriors Project, founded in 2007. Programming includes workshops in various storytelling languages (e.g. playwriting, collage, poetry, drawing, dance/movement, music) to military veterans and family members to explore the stories of their lives to generate new personal awareness, enhance family ties, and offer occasional public performances and showings of art by veterans and family members. Public performances are offered to build a reconnecting bridge between veteran families and civilian families to build stronger, and more integrated, communities, as well as educate civilians about what military service entails and to honor the service of our veterans. Educational workshops for civilians are also offered such as how to witness veterans’ stories. Peacock is growing the Vet Art Project across the United States with it’s national headquarters located in Northeast Ohio.

The Vet Art Project has received a number of supporting grants and the Towner Award for its risk-taking in the development and execution of a public humanities project from the Illinois Humanities Council. The Vet Art Project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

Peacock is a Registered Drama Therapist, nationally produced and award-winning playwright, writing coach, and book author.

Contact me at vetartproject@gmail.com.

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