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Comments on Vet Art Project Programming

“They [the performances] were all moving, riveting, resounding, stirring, saddening, maddening. You have given us a great gift with your vision.” —Ilona Meagher, author of Moving a Nation to Care,

“A fabulous and inspirational evening. It seems that what can be a somewhat touchy and cautious topic was opened up with dignity and grace. . . . I was deeply moved.” —Gail Adduci, Dance/Movement Therapist who has worked with Veterans & whose brother is an OIF Veteran

“What an amazing accomplishment and turn out. . . . I was so inspired that I called Jesse Brown VA Hospital and asked about volunteering.” —Jennifer Miller, writer, yoga instructor in training

“I was so deeply moved by Monday night. There were so many moments that touched me so deeply. This work is so important. Thank you!! I have always believed Theater, and Art in any form, has the power to transform the world.” —Rohina, solo artist

“I just wish there was another performance because I’ve been telling everyone about it, and I think there are so many people who need to see it. ” —Dawn Leader-Peloso, writer, DePaul graduate student

“You did such a beautiful job on the Vet Art Project and performance. It was so moving to see the culmination of all your work on this journey. Sending you, the project’s artists, and most importantly the veterans, a sincere thank you for this amazing collaboration and sharing these vital, haunting, spirited stories with us.” —Cynthia Frahm, Development Director, Chicago Dramatists

“That was an AWESOME event last night. . . . A reminder that as individuals we can all make a difference. Well done!” —Diane J. Rakocy, writer, visual artist, and Vet Art Project artist participant

“It was an amazing experience to engage in community building with other artists who work in other media with a much, much larger purpose in mind.” —Suellen Semekoski, adjunct faculty member, School of the Art Institute and Vet Art Project artist participant

Understanding through Art